Memorial to honor Dr. Richard Morrow

//Memorial to honor Dr. Richard Morrow

Memorial to honor Dr. Richard Morrow

Oct 19, 2013.

Richard and Helga Morrow have been active and energetic promoters of the Acorn Hill children’s area in Lake Roland. Richard passed away in August before he saw their dream realized. To honor Richard, his friends and neighbors presented a contribution to Lake Roland Nature Council to assist in the development of Acorn Hill. Helga and Dick’s neighbors also presented Helga with a letter to commemorate their donation (reproduced below).

Ranger Jon, RELPNC President Larry Zeafla, Maria McMacken, Helga Morrow, Cheryl Finney

Ranger Jon, RELPNC President Larry Zeafla, Maria McMacken, Helga Morrow, Cheryl Finney

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dear Helga,

Your neighbors wanted to find a way to honor you and your husband, Dick’s memory in a significant way that reflected your personal commitment to our neighborhood, park and community.

Over the years, we have watched you and your husband, Dick, be team captains for so many stream and community cleanups. Together you made the commitment to get out there in all kinds of weather, sometimes with others, sometimes on your own- doing the truly “heavy lifting” that it takes to keep our communities clean, healthy, and enjoyable for all.

Your dedication to these efforts and what appears to have been for both of you a deep love of children and nature made this gift a natural one to contribute to. We are happy today to donate a gift of $750 to the Acorn Hill Children’s Park as part of the Robert E. Lee Nature Council’s dedication to make our park a place that is welcoming for children to play and explore the natural world.

With gratitude,

Your neighbors:

Cheryl & Stewart Finney
Quaneta & William (Buck) Greenough
Leah & Jeff Maddox
Maria & Roger McMacken
Aviva Hord
Sally Anthony
Kaye & Bill McConnell
Sara Slaff & Andy Levine
Barbara Klees & Mark Glickman

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