Shooting Stars Campfire 2018

Have you ever seen a shooting star? Try your luck on this moon-less night and search the skies during a meteor shower! The Perseid Meteor Shower is so named because even though its"Shooting stars" can [...]

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Tracks and Trains 2018

All aboard for an adventure! Explore the old tracks of trains from the past in Lake Roland. Children will enjoy a story, a craft, and will learn all about trains that once traveled in and [...]

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Mini Mud Day 2018

*Registration Required* International Mud Day is a day for children all over the world to celebrate nature, the glorious earth beneath our feet, and the joy of making a mess by getting really muddy. Your [...]

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Firefly Campfire 2018

*Registration Required* Join us for the magic of chasing and catching flashing fireflies (or lightning bugs as some call them). We'll learn why and how fireflies shine their lights and make a firefly craft. The [...]

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Great American Campout 2018

*Registration Required* This weekend, join thousands of people across the nation for The Great American Campout! We'll go on a ranger led night hike, make s'mores around the campfire, and enjoy breakfast in the morning.  [...]

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Fairies & Dragons 2018

*Registration Required* Come learn about the mysterious forest-dwellers of myth and legend said to visit the human world at the Summer Solstice. We'll search the park for signs of dragons and the fair folk. Then [...]

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Fishing Frenzy 2018

*Registration Required* Learn how to identify a fish, bait a hook, and more. Then try to catch a fish! Other activities will include games, crafts, and making your very own fishing pole! This is a [...]

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Dogs-N-Donuts 2018

*No Registration required* Get to know all of our members! Find a potential play group and learn more about the park.  Then, Join us for our Spring Cleanup Day and help keep our park beautiful! [...]

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